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Virtual Zwift TT

19 2021 19:00 to 20 2021 10:45

Virtual TT series run within Zwift for 8 weeks riding the 'Sand and Sequoias’ route within Watopia.

Please use the standard Zwift TT bike for the TT as everyone has this in their garage and this bike removes the ability for you to draft other riders within Zwift during the TT event.

Please ensure your trainer is calibrated correctly before you begin, for smart trainers perform a spin down, for not so smart ones please ensure you have the correct resistance set according to Zwifts recommendations. 

The virtual TT series part 1 is follows:

  • Route: Sand and Sequoias in Watopia
  • Distance: 14 miles, 22.6km (this includes the lead in)
  • Elevation: 146m
  • Schedule - Each Tuesday or Wednesday for 8 weeks starting 14th Sept, it's up to you if you ride it on the Tue or Wed.

Your time for the TT will start as soon as you spawn into the world, so you need to be ready to pedal as soon as you select the route.

  • You need to manually record your time as you cross the finish line (the end of the Fugeo Flats sprint as you pass it for the second time) and send it to so it can be added to the weekly results.
  • You can record your time manually by writing down the time on screen as you pass the finish line or by taking a photo using the photo button from within Zwift or the companion app.
  • The teams standard TT handicap system will be used for the virtual TT.
  • Results will be published weekly.

Part 2 will be advertised with a new route later in the year.

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